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This is my “old” site. Please go to my new location: www.i-Training.infoIt provides fresh information about my new ministry. See you there!


I-TRAINING #4 — Financial Support & Ministry Partners

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This is a faith-based ministry. Like every other missionary, support needs to be raised to cover salary and ministry expenses. We are looking for Christians and churches to provide either one-time gifts or on-going monthly support. We are praying for people of faith who will look beyond the current economic crisis to the eternal consequences of investing in God’s kingdom work. Would you please pray about giving?

The Quick-Start Year One Challenge: Raising monthly support through churches is a long, time-consuming process. While we will certainly do this, we are looking for individuals and churches who will act quickly to give one-year commitments or direct gifts to this ministry. Gifts, large or small, when given with prayer, will be greatly appreciated and carefully used.

All gifts are tax deductable and should be given through Converge SW. People can give through checks, direct deposit or the use of credit cards. Details can be obtained from the Shevelands or by contacting Converge SW. Their web site is The address is 14255 Danielson Street, Poway, CA 92064, And the phone number is  (888) 999-7922. Bruce Sumner ( is the District Executive Minister and Peter Horne ( is the director of Ministry Services.

I-TRAINING #3 — A Ministry Overview

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I-Training exists to provide Biblical and ministerial training through International Teaching and Internet Resourcing…

International Teaching

I-Training exists to partner with existing international networks with the goal of providing Biblical and ministerial training to pastors and church leadership. Many of these leaders live in restricted access countries. Our ministry vision is to provide access to Biblical training to anyone that desires to mature as a disciple of Jesus Christ. This is not a fly-in fly-out information dump. Our global ministry partners are using systematic ministry systems and the nurture of national leaders to assure that there is on-going application and multiplication.

I currently have formal requests to do training missions to Viet Nam, Mongolia, Myanmar, India, Singapore, the Philippines, China, Africa and Mexico. Other opportunities are being discussed. Please pray that we might be strategic in our location choices.

Internet Resourcing

Along with the staggering need for Bible training, the cost of merely printing a Biblical education curriculum in a new language is expensive. Biblical Education by Extension World, Inc. (BEE World), for example, reports that to print 5,000 copies of its 16-course curriculum in Chinese costs about $300,000. Establishment and maintenance of in-country warehouses and delivery networks to distribute the materials add additional cost and expose many to danger, not to mention the ever-present risk of wholesale confiscation.

In considering ways to improve this situation, it is important to note that there are approximately 270 million computers in Christian use worldwide, and even more than that are accessible to Christians in public places such as universities and Internet cafes. New technologies such as CD-ROMs, DVD’s, and Web-based classrooms now provide opportunities to dramatically reduce costs and danger, and at the same time provide opportunities for Biblical training that is more engaging and effective than traditional paper.

The internet provides an efficient and relatively inexpensive link to people around the world. With the goal of providing information and inspiration for Christians and churches, a website will be developed to offer books, resources, articles and podcasts. Through network relationships, I-Training already has about fifteen books and numerous resources available for distribution. Skype and email will also be used for continued coaching and counseling. Virtual reality sites like Second Life are also being explored to see if “Sim” church sites  can help churches do internet evangelism, training and fellowship.